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What is ALTA?

Imagine if the original Star Wars trilogy took place in the 1980’s – and it was a musical! That’s what this stage production is all about. We’ve taken some of the most memorable songs from the Eighties and changed up the lyrics to re-tell, in detail, one of the most known and beloved stories of modern times.

DVD’s of the 2012 Orlando Fringe Production will be available at Star Wars Celebration: VI!!

Come to the GFLUG (LEGO) table and speak with me, Simon.

Bad news everyone! Star Wars Celebration VI  passed on our submission!

We are currently looking to see if we can get the show performed nearby on International Drive. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for any developments.

Tweet A Long Time Ago: The Eighties Strike Back to @StarWarsCVI with #ALTA and a link here!

Reviews of the Orlando Fringe performance!

WINNER of the Best Show in the PINK Venue at the 2012 Orlando Fringe according to The Daily City.

I really can’t give an unbiased review of the reviews but I can make them available for you to make your own opinion.

Orlando Sentinel




……ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE! We have officially sold out 4 of our 7 shows at the 2012 Orlando Fringe. We are currently pushing for Star Wars Celebration VI. Until then, listen to word of mouth about how impressive we were.


Thursday, May 17th, 6:45 pm 98% Capacity!
Saturday, May 19th, 11:15 am 95% Capacity!
Sunday, May 20th, 3:00 pm 80% Capacity
Wednesday, May 23rd, 7:30 pm SOLD OUT!
Friday, May 25th, 5:00 pm SOLD OUT!
Saturday, May 26th, 7:45 pm SOLD OUT!
Sunday, May 27th, 1:45 pm SOLD OUT!


Previous Press.

Thomas Thorspecken and his Analog Artist, Digital World sat in on our final Dress rehearsal and gives a stellar point of view!

We discuss the show as well as Fringe on Out and About hosted by Jeremy Seghers on Rollins WPRK, 91.5. Available here!

The week of the 8th, we have a Q&A in AXiS Magazine, page 28.

We also currently have a write up on The

ACME Comics Preview Performance

Another performance of the preview song “The Planet of Tatooine”. Thanks goes to Aaron Barnhill, ACME Comics Superstore, and SWGFA.


Preview Performance!

Check out this recording of the characters Luke, Vader, and Obi at the Fringe Preview Show.  It happened on Monday, April 16th.  Where were you?


Luke: Matthew W. Mendel
Leia: Emily Cutting
Han: Michael Knight
Chewie: Richard Berardo
Artoo: Kelly Dunn Lowenberg
Threepio: Cody Donaldson
Vader: Adam Bellas
Obi/ Yoda: Simon MacDonald
Lando: Charles Carrier
Tarkin/ The Emperor: David Brescia
Biggs/ Boba: Matthew Villegas
Bast/Piett: Destiny Dunkle
Oola: Laura Ashley

Producer: James Brendlinger and Penguin Point Productions
Writer and Director: Simon MacDonald
Assistant Directors: Sydney MacDonald and Adam Bellas
Costumes: Sydney MacDonald, Cody Donaldson, and Laura Ashley
Choreography: Emily Cutting


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